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Stephenie Barker Teaches Self-Worth
and Real Value with The Little Copper Penny

   The Little Copper Penny is the inspiring story of a coin that feels small and worthless. The nickels, quarters, and dimes all laugh at him, and Little Copper Penny wishes he was something else, until his Grandpa Wheat shows him the penny’s true value.

   Author Stephenie Barker has a lifelong love of the small copper coins. “The penny has always been my favorite coin because it is the one that many people throw aside,” she says. A longtime real estate agent, Barker and her husband learned the importance of fiscal responsibility as young newlyweds, and as a result, they made it a priority to teach their children to save and plan for the future. Barker is well aware that even pennies make change, and when collected, add up and make a difference. “My goal is to teach our children to value every coin with respect,” she explains.

   Barker’s “centsible” story has already received a Mom’s Choice Award, and parents and educators are hailing The Little Copper Penny as an excellent tool for teaching kids about self-worth and real value.

   “These little but mighty pennies have the ability to inspire every child, encouraging them to recognize their own uniqueness and self-worth,” says Blaine Riney, Senior Loan Officer at the First National Bank Mortgage. Readers will discover that there is more to a coin’s value than the number written on its surface—and more to a person’s value than outward appearances—as they learn along with The Little Copper Penny.

   To learn more about Barker and her book, visit TheLittleCopperPenny.com and follow the Copper Penny Lady on Facebook.


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